Preparation for the farmers market

Tonight I plan on going to bed early (ish) as I've started to come down with this horrible cold that seems to be knocking everyone down.

First though I have to plan my menu for the Farmers Market on Friday. The thought of standing in the cold for four hours with a stuffy head is not filling me with very much joy!

Obviously, chocolate has to be included. I'm a firm believer of

cupcake + chocolate = bliss!

and it is my best seller!! Maybe as it is so cold here I should include some nice warming recipes like apple & cinnamon or pumpkin spice. I also have some friends who have specifically requested my lemon cupcakes. I make them with a really zesty home made lemon curd in the centre and add lemon zest to the frosting for that extra 'zing'!

Ok then, I think that's enough for now, I'll post again tomorrow and hopefully put some pics on too of my day in the kitchen.

If you're wondering, the market is in Towcester on Richmond Road, adjacent to Waitrose, maybe see you there?

Goodnight x

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