aftermath of the Farmers Market

me looking very cold!

Well, it was a very successful morning. I sold all but 2 of my cupcakes (which I took home and me & my mum had with a cup of tea) and I made 136!!

The weather however, was not good and I am now suffering with an almighty cold! The morning started off with rain, it stopped for a while, long enough  for people to nip out and do their shopping, then the last hour the heaven's opened (as they say). The worst part was packing up and putting down the gazebo, the rain that had gathered on top drowned me (well, almost). I was starting with a cold on the morning anyway, one of my boys has just had one so it was inevitable... but standing in the cold and rain for 4 hours really didn't help!!

Oh well, I live to tell the tale :)

It's not going to stop me from doing the next one which is on Friday 11th December, apparently there will be carol singers from the local school, free mulled wine and mince pies and maybe even a visit from someone special... (wears red, white beard, likes chimneys!!!)

Anyway, off now to think about Christmas designs and flavours, got a few fetes and things coming up over the next few weeks.

And I think an early night is needed. I had planned one lastnight but ended up having a 3 hour bath (I think I fell asleep for most of it) and falling in to bed at 11.30.

See you soon xx


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