Autumn is here!

Well I think Autumn is definitely upon us... The nights are turning chilly, there's the smell of wood smoke in the air and yes, my heating has just been switched on!! 

I do love Autumn... I love the smells. I live in a village where the smell of wood smoke is around pretty much every day but it's not the same as when accompanied by a frosty chill, reminds me of being in the mountains. I love wrapping up in layers and taking my boys for walks in the woods. Coming home to something comforting. Cooking becomes so much more wholesome, hearty soups and stews packed with delicious warming root veggies. Summer berry tarts replaced by fruity crumbles covered in thick custard.. Yum!

The first of my Autumn cupcake flavours made an appearance this last weekend at the Weedon & Weston Food Fair, and it's one of my favourites... This is pumpkin pie. It's a really moist cake filled with pumpkin purée and spiced with cinnamon. It's similar in taste and texture to carrot cake but without the chunky bits!!

Using up the last of the summer berries in this mixed berry cupcake. A vanilla cupcake with a berry compote inside and decorated with fresh berries on the top

Good old Victoria sandwich gets a mini makeover... Vanilla cupcake is hollowed out to be filled with strawberry jam and buttercream, the top is then replaced, another swirl of buttercream and a fresh strawberry to finish.

And while searching Google for a picture that epitomised the colours of Autumn I came across this lovely little poem by George Cooper.

Happy leaf peeping and happy baking x

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