Clandestine Cake Club's 1st birthday celebrations

A lovely cakey Happy 1st Birthday to Clandestine Cake Club, Northampton and a special thanks to Gillian for all of her hard work in creating a lovely meeting.

The very first meeting was held at the lovely Jeyes in May 2012 so Gillian thought it appropriate to have our first birthday celebration there too.
The Jeyes family had put on a fine spread and we had a proper afternoon tea complete  with sandwiches, crisps and pots of steaming Yorkshire Tea (now proud sponsors of Clandestine Cake Club).

Although I haven't been a member since the very beginning I have been going to 'cake club' since December. Even though I make cakes and cupcakes most days, the club gives me the chance to really experiment with flavours in the kitchen and developing new decorating techniques.

My special 'cake slice' birthday cake

Sandwiches and crisps and pots of Yorkshire tea

Carmela's 'Nigella' doll cake

The lovely conservatory set up for our afternoon tea 

Debbie's caterpillar cake and Rosie's choccoccino cake

Sue's raspberry and white chocolate cake and a giant French fancy!

I also wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who donated towards my SkyDive in July. I am doing this for the fabulous charity ShineUK who help support families affected by Hydrocephalus and Spina bifida. Jeyes so kindly donated a beautiful cake stand for me to raffle and it fetched £30!! In total I raised £75 so I'm really grateful to everyone who donated... thank you! xx

Happy baking xx

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