Invitation to the ultimate coffee and chocolate pairing experience!!

!! I love chocolate !!
(Incase you're new to reading my posts and didn't already know this about me)

I also really like coffee!

Now I don't claim to be an expert in either but I know what I like.... 

With coffee, I've previously been a latte fan, moving onto Cappuccino and more recently a white Americano. Espresso has never really appealed to me.... until today that is!

One of De'Longhi's expert barista's Robert Henry, showed us how to taste coffee with a good slurp (like with wine) and together with Lindt's Master Chocolatier, Stefan Bruderer, both guided us through the pairing of the two.

(Stefan really enjoying this taste of Lindt's Dark Orange Intense) 

(Robert about to take a 'slurp') 

 One of the pairings... Espresso and Dark with a touch of sea salt

After sampling the pairings Stefan and Robert had chosen for us we were then given the task of matching (according to our tastes so no real right or wrong answer here) two more coffee samples (an Espresso and a latte) with Lindt's Extra Creamy and Dark 85%. I think the decision in the room was pretty unanimous, the Espresso was best paired with the Dark 85%. Although the Extra Creamy was extra yummy so we had to 'double check' with extra samples ;-)

What I found out today is that I really enjoyed the Espresso, more than any of the other coffee we tasted, so I shall definitely be ordering this in future.

Julie xx

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