Foodie fun in the London sun!


We (me and my gorgeous friends, Carmela and Rosie) were invited to Kettners in London for a Lindt/De'Longhi pairing experience, so we decided to make the most of the trip and spend the day around Soho and Covent Garden doing a bit of foodie shopping!

We didn't stop in but had noses pressed firmly against the window drooling over the beautiful pastries and desserts on offer.

I picked up a couple of cupcakes to try later, vanilla and their black bottom... Because we'd stuffed ourselves silly they didn't get eaten until the following day, I really enjoyed the black bottom, but the vanilla was a little lacking on vanilla to be honest. I've tweaked my vanilla cupcake to be just how I like it and I have to say, theirs just didn't match up!

A beautiful Italian deli that's been around since 1944, they 
 import a large range of Italian specialities and freshly prepare Italian food on site.
And on Carmela's "to visit" list for over a year apparently!

Our window shopping took a brief respite for a little Italian style 'tapas' and a cheeky glass of Prosecco...

Johnny Cupcakes
Okay, I was ridiculously excited when I peeked down Foubert's Place and saw the familiar Johnny Cupcakes sign outside their shop... I literally grabbed Carmela's arm and dragged her down the street!

Johnny Cupcakes UK

As you can see, the shop is kitted out to look like a bakery but he sells t-shirts, sweats, jewellery and other branded accessories.

What a gorgeous shop!

Apart from it's uber sexy red and black fa├žade the interior was equally decadent! 

The cakes were just astonishing... 

A truly fabulous day shared with fabulous friends. :-)

Happy baking
Julie xx


  1. Great write up and fabulous pics xx


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