The BIGGEST cake I have made so far, and more.....

I've had a pretty busy couple of weeks, not just with cupcakes but also planning events and projects for this year.  I met with Jo at My Vintage Day to talk about some plans we've been working on, I'll update you on those in a separate post. For now, I will just share with you the latest cucpakes and cakes I have created;

Christening cupcakes for Lana

No! It's not a spelling mistake... Drum Kit cake for 'Rocx'

This is the biggest cake I have made - it was two tiers, chocolate and vanilla cakes, decorated to a hunting theme with hand painted pheasant on the top. It would have easily fed over 120 people!

Some 'cheesy' (get it??? yeah, not funny, I know!) cupcakes for a keen photographer

Loved how these turned out - Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom cupcakes for a lucky birthday girl

Some very grown-up handbags & shoes for Elizabeth's 12th birthday

more photos on flickr (follow the link on the right)

I will also be posting later about a recipe I tested today for Vanessa Kimbell's book 'Prepped'

ta-ta for now!

Julie x

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