Did you know there's only 39 days until Christmas!!

I can't believe Christmas is so close!

Saying that, I am one of those annoying people who has already done half of my Christmas shopping... mostly books for friends and a few family members as we only buy £5 presents and I think a book is the best thing you can spend £5 on!!

Besides, I saw the Coca-Cola ad during an X Factor break so I can officially declare Christmas in our house now... though I won't be buying the tree until the 1st December!!

I'm disappointed as I won't get to go to the Good Food Show this year, I've got so much work on I just can't seem to find the time. I'm going to miss all those yummy goodies... I even ordered my Kelly Bronze from Springfields Farm who were there last year as they were doing a show special!! And they're only up the road from me too!! Maybe I can get my friend to order it on my behalf... what a fab idea!!

I have a very rare weekend off so plan to make something new! I just can't decide whether it will be whoopie pies, macaroons or some old fashioned sweeties, I quite like the idea of some coconut ice but I know I'll eat it all (yum!!). I'll have a look in my recipe books tonight and see which tickles my fancy the most...

I've been a busy bee since the Food and Drink Awards, lots of enquiries (especially for weddings) which is fantastic! Some pictures of what I've been up to...

 Royal Marines; Teacher's gift box 

  Cars; Michael Jackson 

 Ferrari; Ben 10

Marvel Super Hero Squad; Chelsea Football Club

 Toy Story 3

 Christening cake for Lily; Sewing/Knitting theme  

 Treasure Chest cake for Skye; Dinosaurs for Harry 

Twins Rosie and Ted's first birthday cakes 

Thomas the Tank Engine; Divorce cupcakes

Some girlie little numbers....

I've also bought a food grade printer so now I can print all my own toppers... a great idea for putting photographs or company logos on top of cakes or cupcakes! Here's some examples of what you can do...

Twilight theme; Welsh flag with personalised message

Corporate Logo topper; Football badge topper

In the run up to Christmas I have quite a few shopping events and pamper evenings booked, have a look at my website for details (http://www.angelinacupcake.com/page4.htm)

I'm also working on quite a few new projects for 2011, keep watching this space and Facebook for updates... not giving away anything just yet!!

Take care and happy Christmas shopping!

Julie xx

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