Twilight cupcakes and....

Hi y'all

It's Superbowl Sunday today and my other half, having been an avid fan for many years, is planning to stay up and watch it... and it doesn't kick off until 11.28pm (that's UK time). I always cook mexican on Superbowl Sunday and tonight we had a fab chilli from Kalyn's Kitchen ( as we're trying to be good and doing the South Beach diet and we've found some amazing recipes on her blog. I know, dieting and making cupcakes don't really go together but at least if I'm being good the rest of the time I can allow myself a cupcake (or 3)!!

This week I made some Twilight cupcakes which came out really well, I was pleased with them and so was the birthday girl they were made for. I love the Twilight books and have read them all, so when I was asked to do them I couldn't wait...

Twilight Cupcakes
representing the book covers; Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

BBC Radio Northampton Interview

 So, I had an email from BBC Radio Northampton asking if I'd like to do a LIVE interview on the John Griff show... obviously, I jumped at the chance. I was so nervous at the thought of talking live on Radio, but when I met John he was so nice and made me feel very relaxed, it felt more like a friendly chat!!
When I work out a way to do it I'll upload a link to the interview so that if you're feeling bored you can waste 20 minutes listening to me talk about cupcakes!!

These are some of the cupcakes I took in for them;

they're chocolate with a cream cheese and strawberry chunk centre, topped with strawberry frosting and a whole strawberry dipped in chocolate. I also took in some sticky toffee cupcakes which were equally well received.

Princess and Pirate party cupcakes

These were made to coordinate with the party invitations and goodie bags

they're a selection of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and the treasure chest cake is vanilla with a fresh strawberry and buttercream filling. I love the little pebbles I found at my local sweetie shop, they look like rocks but they're chocolate coated in a crispy shell... thought they were fab!

Groundhog day (and cupcake)

It was Groundhog day this week and my American friend Georgette made some lovely little Groundhog cupcakes to take to pre-school, knowing how much I loved cupcakes she made me one and gave it to me in this fab Cup-A-Cake container.... I so want more of these so I can send my boys to school with their cupcakes in one!  It was yummy by the way, thanks Georgette xx

Busy week ahead...

This week I have lots on; Thursday I have two events booked, the first is a ladies pamper and indulgence day at Daventry Leisure Centre, the second is at Evergreen Gallery in Daventry, they're having an evening of art and cupcakes to introduce some new artists and their work. I know, I can't be in two places at once, my ever helpful assistant/brainstorming partner/motivator and most importantly fab friend Sarah is covering one for me.

Friday is the farmers market in Towcester, I'll be there from around 8.30 setting up and will take along some boxes of Valentine's cupcakes for any last minute romantics!!

I've also got two orders to complete on Saturday, a birthday and Peppa Pig themed cupcakes.

Then we've got Valentine's weekend and hopefully lots of orders and deliveries to do.

Listen at me going on and on and on.....

Superbowl build up has started now so I think it must be about my bed time.

Catch you next week

G'night xx

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