Russell Hobbs Capsule Collection


Sometimes, deciding what to make for dinner can be as big a battle as preparing the meal itself.  Russell Hobbs’ Capsule Collection has been designed to offer busy mums a simple solution for preparing a meal – whether it’s for her friends, a romantic meal or to feed the family. 

With the Russell Hobbs Desire food preparation range to help you, all you need is five simple ingredients, supplement them with some store cupboard essentials, and you can easily pull together delicious food. What’s more, with the three core capsules of ingredients you can create a starter, main course and dessert – meaning you’ll never be caught out when friends or family pop over for dinner. 

The principle behind the Capsule Collection is a really clever idea! As a busy mum with two part time jobs, I understand how difficult it can be to plan weekly menus for the family and keep that work/life balance right!  While I love cooking elaborate meals for family and friends, sometimes our busy schedules don't always allow this so the Capsule Collection goes to show you don't have to compromise on delicious and nutritious meals that the whole family can enjoy.


For your friends 
For your family 
For your partner 


For your friends 
For your family 
For your partner 

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DESIRE by Russell Hobbs
In a tempting colour combination of black and red, the Desire range has been designed with the passionate cook in mind, combining outward confidence with uncompromised functionality
A collection of irresistible and striking appliances in a stylish matt black finish with accents of vibrant red, Desire caters for the trend towards home dining and the demand for appliances which reflect this passion; enabling a more enjoyable experience.

Find out more about the 18970 Desire Hand Blender
Stylish and striking, with two speed settings,
this blender takes all the hassle out of making
 tasty dips and sauces. Boasting a striking
black and red colour combination, it exudes
 plenty of kitchen confidence for a
bang-on-trend blend
Find out more about the 18991 Desire Glass Jug Blender

An attractive matt black jug blender
with all the features for making tasty
soups and sauces. Accents of red
create a striking colour combo for a
contemporary stance
Find out more about the 18558 Desire Mini Chopper
This distinctive Mini Chopper with 'Desire'
styling has a powerful wattage and high
capacity which makes it a very versatile
kitchen accessory. It also comes
equipped with a durable glass bowl
 and lid for easy storage
Find out more about the 18980 Desire 3 in 1 Hand Blender
A delicious mix of form and function,
the three-in-one hand blender
combines mixing, whisking and
chopping in a choice of two
speed settings. Stylish black
matt finish is complemented
by flashes of red for a fiery finish
Find out more about the 19000 Desire Food Processor
The 600w Desire Food Processor
features a 1.5 litre capacity jug and
comes with an additional plastic
jug blender. With solid features built
for slicing, shredding, rasping, whisking
and blending, this processor is an all-round
performer with added worktop wow factor
Find out more about the 20340 Desire Slice & Go Food Slicer / Shredder
Combining form and function, this
stainless-steel grating, shredding
and slicing tool boasts a sleek
and contemporary design. Easy to use
 and easy to clean, it takes all the
 hard work out of preparing food
and has all the features for expertly
 slicing and shredding vegetables

Find out more about the 20350 Desire Kitchen Machine
The first bite of a freshly baked cake
brings back the best memories of cooking
and baking at home. Making a chic statement
in black and red, the fashionable,
multipurpose Desire Kitchen Machine
looks great and performs brilliantly.
 It includes three different attachments
for supreme mixing efficiency

Find out more about the 18960 Desire Hand Mixer
The 300w matt black Desire Hand Mixer,
with five speed settings and turbo
function, comes with chrome beaters
 and dough hooks and boasts an eject
button for easy removal of accessories.  Dishwasher safe, this product promises a passionate performance in the kitchen

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