Two more London restaurants checked off the list...

Yep! On a recent trip to London (for a TV commercial audition no less... but that's another story!!) we managed to squeeze in not one, but two more 'must-visit' restaurants off our list. 

Let me explain.... it's not a physical list as such, more of a mental note of where or who's restaurant we'd like to visit. Each visit is planned to make the most of our time (we don't get out much!!) to ensure we eat our fill of deliciously desired food!

So, arriving in London at around 11 we pretty much made a beeline for Soho and the wonderful Brindisa, stopping for another browse around the packed shelves of Lina Stores on the way.   

My first food love is Spanish and Tapas, given half the chance I'd eat it every day. Brindisa lived up to the rave reviews I'd heard... the food was amazingly fresh and plentiful. We chose a selection of dishes to try, sitting in the sunny window sipping iced water we could almost be in Spain... almost!!

Gorgeously plump Gordal olives stuffed with orange with oregano and sea salt.
(the best I've EVER tasted!)

Bomba - potato and meat croqueta with alioli and bravas sauce

Ham selection - Iberico bellota, Iberico recebo and Teruel hams with bread and olive oil

Bacalao (salt cod) with alioli gratin... deliciously garlicky!
After a little walk down Carnaby Street we came across a poor chap carrying a sandwich board and a big arrow pointing to luxury Gelato shop Scoop!  We couldn't resist...  Wow!! So many amazing flavours to choose from. I went for a double scoop of a lovely nutty Nocciola (hazelnut) and Torroncino (nougat). Highly recommended! And voted the best ice cream in London by Time Out!

So finishing at the audition a little earlier than we thought and feeling hungry again, we headed to Wahaca in Covent Garden. Now Mexican is my second food love, so I'm pretty much in foodie heaven by this time of the day :-)

We chose a selection of dishes from their 'street food' menu, so that we could all dig in and try lots of different things...
From pork pibil tacos to shrimp and scallop tostadas, chicken taquitos to chorizo and potato quesadillas and chicken tinga tacos with a side of frijoles...
Amazingly fresh, tasty and spicy flavours... Our tongues were tingling just a little (under-statement) but left wanting more. Will definitely be paying another visit on a future trip!

Hmmm..... where to next I wonder???

(until next time) Happy baking xx

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