Carmela's Kitchen Italian pasta making event

I was invited to attend Carmela's past making event this weekend, so naturally accepted! 

Not only is Carmela an Italian mama to four beautiful bambini, she also works alongside BBC Radio Northampton, writes her blog (Carmela's Kitchen), tutors at The Bay Tree Cottage and teaches from her kitchen in Northampton. When she's not doing any of the above, she manages to find the time to write her 'Family Italian Cookery Book'. 

The evening was fantastic! She taught around 70 people the art of making pasta. From a simple egg pasta dough to pressed herb pasta and farfalle, spaghetti and tagliatelle. 

 I didn't get to join in (this time) unfortunately, but it was still fun to watch everyone getting stuck in! I did have a table set up though selling some Italian themed cupcakes and brownies


Alongside me were some other lovely stands;

The Italian Shop, Northampton; Oils & Spices from Gourmet Spice Co.

Jams and chutneys from White's Delights; Apple Juice from The Orchard

I've just finished off the last Amaretti Crunch cupcake so thought I'd share a pic of the inside....

It's a vanilla cupcake filled with Amaretto soaked crumbled Amaretti biscuits, topped with a vanilla frosting and more of the Amaretti biscuit mixture..... was every bit as good as it sounds, shame it was the last one!!

Happy baking 

Julie xx


  1. A fabulous write up, amazing cakes and a great evening thanks Julie x


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