Kenwood press event at L'atalier des Chefs, London

The new Kenwood Chef Classic range in some funky retro colours...

Inspired by the 1970's, it is available in white with metallic features of calypso orange, astro blue and pinto green.

Now I love my two KitchenAid's but have worked with two different Kenwood machines recently and have to say that should I be in the market for a new mixer, I would definitely go with the Kenwood. I'm particularly loving the Kenwood Cooking Chef which incorporates induction cooking so it actually cooks your meal aswell.

the Kenwood at work....

Our finished black forest roulade... I promise you, it tasted much better than it looked!!

Before we made it over to Kenwood we decided to have a bite of lunch at Eric Lanlard's Cake Boy, here's me, Rosie and Carmela about to enjoy our gorgeous cakes with a mini bottle of pink fizz... thanks Eric xx

The most exquisitely presented cakes, a platter decorated with freeze dried raspberries and chocolate coated popping candy... yum!!

I wish I could remember how Eric described them to me, I just won't do them justice... the first was a pear tart with the most delicate sponges surrounding them, the second a fresh mango mousse and finally, my favourite, a caramel mille feuille... Heaven on a plate! Shame I had to share, could have easily eaten all 3 to myself... sorry girls!!

On leaving L'atalier we were greeted by this gorgeous view of St. Paul's, just had to share...

Happy baking xx

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