The most ridiculously easy egg-free chocolate cake recipe, EVER!!

So, it's Christmas Eve, the children are so excited they've had their giant Santa stockings ready for days, and I still have a couple of cakes to bake before I can get ready for the jolly man's visit this evening!!

Having just popped a chocolate cake in the oven it dawned on me just how simple this recipe was to put together and thought, being the 'season of goodwill' I should share it with you. Not only is it just a 2 step method but no special equipment is needed... just a bowl and a hand whisk! And maybe a spatula if, like me, you like to make sure there isn't a drop left in the bowl!!

I discovered this recipe many years ago... one of my best friend's son's has an egg allergy and used to miss out on delicious cakes. Being the baker that I am, my visits usually included a box of cupcakes in my hands (much to the children's delight) and to ensure H got his sweet treat I tweaked this recipe for him and have been using ever since...

Ridiculously easy egg-free Chocolate cake (makes 2 8" cakes to be sandwiched together with filling of your choice)

375g plain flour
400g caster sugar
45g good quality cocoa (I use G&B)
9g baking soda
6g salt
160ml sunflower oil
30ml clear distilled vinegar
10ml vanilla extract
375ml water

Method (the ridiculously easy bit)
Whisk all dry ingredients together until mix is of an even colour
Add wet ingredients and whisk until no lumps remain
Pour into prepared pans and bake at about 170 (fan)

I hope you have a very Happy and healthy Christmas and may you be granted your every wish.

Happy baking
Julie xx

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