WARNING to all cake bakers!!

I have just recently had an enquiry from someone claiming to be ordering cupcakes for daughters upcoming wedding, and when I say upcoming I'm talking 2 weeks!!  Suspicious already that someone could leave it so late but not knowing the circumstances I emailed with information about my services and what I could offer.

To save me interpreting their email in a biased view I will quote word for word (in red) the replies...

"choice of coloured paper,square tiered stand,...I am in need of 170 pieces of the  £2 per cupcake.Do get back to me with details of payment"

I replied asking location of wedding so I can quote delivery price and what decorations they would like on their cupcakes

"Thanks.What is the total price?i have a cake collector who will come for the pickup"

At this point my spidey senses were tingling... i asked for a contact phone number so we could talk in more detail

"Give me the total price of my order...I want you to get back to me in time"

Rude!  I asked again if any particular decorations were required as this affects price

"I think you are in the best position to give your best...I just want you to give me the best cake...Send me your price and you payment details"

hmmm.... still not happy! I stopped giving options and sent a picture of what they would get for their money. Sent total amount and asked for payments to be made to my Paypal account.

"Thanks for the reply.I am comfortable with the type of cake you want to do for me.Kindly send me your payment details,so i can send you the full payment.I have a cake collector who will come for the pickup."

I sent a Paypal invoice and advised via email that I had done so.

Nothing for 8 days so I sent another email saying I presumed they had found another cake supplier, thanks for considering me... blah, blah!!  The next reply came at 23.09 that day

"Kindly reconfirm your Name,address and phone number,so that the payment can be send across to you"

Again, I sent Paypal invoice and advised that if payment wasn't received by midday I would not complete the order.  Guess what?? Nothing came!!

Latest reply this morning;

"The wedding have been shifted to 9th october,2010.You haven't provided your payment details,how to do expect me to send you payment?"

After this last email I thought NO WAY!! I have now replied saying I can't do that date, sorry I can't help you.

I had a bad feeling about this enquiry from the off and I think I was proved right.

After mentioning it on Twitter @DevourBakery in Colorado mentioned they have had it happen to them to so this appears not to be just a UK scam.

I'm pretty sure none of you would freely give your bank details over the internet but I just wanted to advise you to be aware if an enquiry like this comes through.  Would hate to see anyone financially affected by it.

Take care

Julie xx

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