June.... hello (and goodbye again) summer!!!

Well, I started to write a new blog last month when we were having some amazing weather... I think at the weekend temperatures reached about 32, and I had to bake 100's of cupcakes, not much fun in a scorching kitchen!

this is what I started writing;

First, let me say a bit about the weather in the typical British way that we always do....

phew, what a scorcher!!!

Unfortunately now our weather has taken a turn for the worse with temperatures plumetting to just 16/17 in the day... makes for a happier baking environment though!!

so now I write;

rain, rain, go away, come again another day
We're so hard to please us British!!!

Northamptonshire Country Fair

Anyway, back to cupcakes.... I have had a super busy time these last couple of weeks.  I had a lovely day at Northamptonshire Country Fair, used to be known as Castle Ashby Country Fair but they decided that a name change was long overdue as they hadn't had the fair at Castle Ashby for 9 years now! I must say a massive THANK YOU to my mum who helped me out on the day, and for scouring the stands for the best coffee!!

Pamper Evenings

I have also done three pamper evenings recently. If you're not familiar with pamper evenings, the primary purpose is to raise funds but by having a nice time while you do. You bring together a range of therapists, be it beauty/alternative/holistic and offer mini treatments at a reduced price. Then while people are waiting for their treatment you have stands available selling bits and bobs like jewellery, cards, books, make-up, candles, cosmetics, cupcakes (that's me!) etc. then they can do a bit of shopping at the same time. It's a really nice evening and I always try and make some time for a little pampering myself.

Plus many, many more...

One theme I seem to be doing an awful lot of at the moment is the baby shower. It's a fairly recent idea here in the UK and seems to have really caught on. I do boxes of cupcakes in pink, blue or 'not sure' and put lots of lovely handmade decorations on such as baby booties, bibs, bottles, toys, teddy bears and rubber ducks!

Caravan and Leisure Park themed cake and cupcakes

A most unusual request, don't you think??
These were for a leaving gift for Mark who had been with the company for 20 years. I wanted to attempt a cake shaped like a caravan, complete with decking area and garden!

Looks like a caravan???  My other half said it looked like a 'bungalow'... grrrr!!!

The cupcakes were fun, themed on fishing, golf, tennis, camping and canoeing. The red and white toadstool looking thing is actually the water feature in the kids pool... honest!!

Fiona's 21st birthday cupcakes

I loved the finished look of these. The colours were Purple and Gold and after initially not being sure on whether to go quirky or pretty, Fiona decided on some pretty, funky flowers in purple and lilac with gold cases and tiny edible gold stars.

Disney Car's cupcakes..... ker-chow!

My two five year olds loved these and kept asking if they could have one.... just one mummy???


I've taken quite a few orders for weddings just recently.  I love doing them, seeing the cupcakes displayed on a tower or stand, it's just a shame I'm never around to see the bride and groom's reaction to them. Expect to see some more pics coming next month!

If you're planning your wedding but haven't picked your cake yet, have a look at my website (http://www.angelinacupcake.com/page5.htm) for more information, or give me a call and we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

Thank you
Julie x

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