Wedding cupcakes in a lovely location


Sorry it's been a while, I've had illnesses to deal with and my 2 little boys have been poorly and off school for a whole week!!!  It's pretty hard to entertain to energetic 5 year olds when they're healthy but when they don't feel well and all they want to do is 'cuddle'... sounds nice, but by the end of the week I just had to get out of this 4 walled prison I'd been in... even if it was just to Tesco to do some shopping!!!

I love my boys to bits and couldn't imagine my life without them... equally I'm so glad they're well and back to school again!

Wedding cupcakes

I was so pleased with the way my wedding cupcakes looked when they were finally set up on location. It was a lovely hotel near Stamford and the room looked very elegant all in black & white..

The bride was so pleased with her cupcakes!


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